On this page you can find important information about our Canada Day Parade:
  • The rules and regulations for participation in the 2020 Canada Day Parade,
  • The parade route and associated road closures.

2020 Parade Rules and Regulations

Event Date: Wednesday, July 1st, 2020
Event Time: Start 11:00 am Sharp
Parade Registration: Port Credit Harbour Marina – 1 Port St. E.


  • Groups, organizations and/or individuals wishing to participate in the Paint the Town Red Canada Day parade are required to have an entertainment component to their entry. In lieu of entertainment, vibrancy, colourful or themed aspects are permissible and require authorization from parade staff.
  • Entries will NOT be permitted that advocate, oppose or depict political, religious or social issues or that in the opinion of the Parade Coordinator do not meet the objectives of the parade.
  • Only elected officials from Mississauga are permitted to participate in the parade
  • Political campaigning is NOT permitted in the parade or along the route.
  • All floats and vehicles must be appropriately decorated.
  • Non-Decorated vehicles will not be permitted to participate. With the exception of Classic cars and those used for invited dignitaries.

Corporate/ Business – $200 per entry
BIA Member – $150 per entry
Community Groups, Non-profits and Charities exempt from the fee
NOTE: Maximum one motorized vehicle per entry


  • The marshalling area is at 1 Port Street East. (Between Hurontario & Stavebank)
  • The staging numbers will be prominently posted.
  • Please check-in with parade registration before finding your position.
  • All motorized vehicles and floats will be staged on Port Street.
  • Walking entries and bands will stage on the west side of the Marina building.
  • Public washrooms are located in the marina building


ALL VEHICLES entering the Port Street or Marina staging area must enter via HURONTARIO ONLY!

  • No vehicle will be permitted to enter at Stavebank or Elizabeth Street.
  • Only those vehicles registered in the parade will be permitted to enter after 9am
  • No passenger drop-off is permitted in the staging area.


  • Participant parking is at Mentor College – 40 Forest Avenue
  • Shuttle bus service is available at Mentor College and will drop participants off at the Port Street staging area.
  • Participants driving in should arrive at Mentor College no later than 10:00am to ride the shuttle to the marshalling area.
  • Cars can be left there until after the parade.
  • A continuous shuttle will take participants to the marshalling area beginning at 8:30am until 10:00am.
  • The parade route ends on Seneca Avenue, a short distance from Mentor College.
  • Please ensure your group has this information and stress the importance of being on time. Parade starts at 11 am sharp.


  • Anyone needing to drop off equipment or instruments at Marshalling/Staging area must do so before 8:30am.
  • Please arrange to have someone stay with equipment.
  • We cannot take responsibility for anything left unattended.
  • Any vehicle not registered as an entry in the parade must then be moved to an off-site parking area.


  • The group representative or contact person must check-in at the parade registration desk upon arrival: located at the entrance to the marina.
  • For large groups, it is only necessary for one person per group to check-in.
  • All groups must sign a waiver to participate.


  • All vehicles must be in good mechanical order.
  • Drivers must remain with their vehicle at all times during the parade.
  • All children are the responsibility of the participating group and must be with an adult, at all times.


  • Hand-outs are ok if you supply volunteers to walk along the curbs handing out to the crowd.
    Do not store extra promo stock on a moving vehicle – only bring what your volunteers can carry.


  • All Marching Bands will be asked to arrive by 10am and line-up within the Marina closure.
  • The Band leader can pick up breakfast tickets at the check-in tent.


  • Walking Entries must support the parade theme and use signs, props and/or costuming to promote that.
  • Walking entries will stage inside the marina closure on the west side of the building, once registered.
  • *Please make sure everyone is dressed in Red & White if no other theme is chosen.


  • All floats must be registered and decorated by the participating group.
  • A FLOAT can be prepared on a flatbed or, on a trailer pulled by another vehicle.
  • A maximum of 1 vehicle will be permitted per entry and must be decorated. (Only one name or logo per entry)
  • Applications must include all correct vehicle information


  • FREE continental breakfast will be offered to participants and volunteers
    8am -10am
  • While quantities last – First come first serve
  • Group leaders can pick up breakfast tickets during check-in at registration.


  • All entries will be judged along the parade route.


  • If you are the driver of a vehicle please note: it’s important to keep two car length spaces, in between entries – please maintain a pace that allows for this gap
  • All motor vehicles drivers must also present a valid Ontario’s Driver’s License and proof of Insurance in order to participate. A parade official will visit each vehicle once in position


  • The parade coordinator determines the location of all entries in the Parade. All entries must maintain that position at all times during the parade.
  • Failure to adhere to the above rules and regulations could result in removal from this year’s parade and future parades
  • Please remind your group to bring plenty of water and to wear sunscreen and hats
  • In the event of a thunderstorm threat, all participants will be asked to seek shelter in the marina building or the parking garage of The Waterside Inn.

Parade Route